Before I start talking about the project itself, I would like to say how much I enjoyed creating it. I will continue working on this even after I finish my university and I am planning on applying for a Kickstarter campaign that would make collaboration for (maybe not only?) students more accessible through my app. It was certainly a challenge to create the whole design for the app from the scratch, then a .PDF that documents the whole process, logo, name, partial branding (fonts, colours etc.) and a website as well. But it was fun!

Considering the general design, I am happy with choosing the hexagon as the main feature and I am satisfied how the colours of my main texture blend together. There was one point when my work has changed drastically from red design (which I considered almost finished) to the current one. I asked many people, which one do they prefer but it was half and half. I decided to go for the current one because my red design was evoking more of a dating app and because the multi coloured texture on the current one symbolizes connection of all the creative subjects.

The tools I have been using were InDesign which I chose for easy placing of my major information, quick ability to change colour through the whole document, grids and typography. Later on, I transferred everything to Photoshop and turned it into layers so I could then upload them to Proto.io. Last step was learning ‘Stages’ in Proto.io and animating the transferred layers. For website I used WordPress theme Sydney and for PDF I used InDesign only.

My skills have grown massively while working on this project, in all tools that I have used. It is impossible to list them all but thanks to the help of my tutors I got to know more about TIFF images and printing, thanks to Proto.io I learned more about Photoshop’s Artboards and through the whole research I learned a lot about mobile apps in general.

If I could change anything, I would tweak my app to make it look even more professional than it is now even though my feedback on this was great. This is due to the fact that I refused to use Proto.io templates for different icons and chat bubbles and created all of those features myself. Also, one of my tutors made a last minute (but great!) suggestion about slightly changing the main swiping animation but unfortunately, I am not Proto.io expert and I could not find a way how to do it. Nevertheless, it was a feedback I am intending to use in the future.

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