When I was in the initial stages of researching, I went to the Uni library and tried to find literature that would help me with designing my app. Unfortunately, because it is quite a new topic, I wasn’t very lucky. So I went on Amazon and browsed there and found amazing book called Designing for the Social Web (first below).

Later on, I went to the library again but more for Branding material. I found Logo Design Love and Minimalist Graphic.




I also can’t forget to mention every website / piece of graphics that helped me through the process of making my app. Here is a list of them:

    This website was recommended to me by my tutor and proved to be very annoying but handy. It checks the contrast of your design’s background and the font you’re applying on it and tells you whether it is readable enough. It was annoying to always check everything but I know it’s an important part of the process and in the end, I want my product to be good so it was necessary.
    Useful article on all the 2016 trends in mobile design and other devices too. Some of the information we have already been told in the lectures but this made everything even more clear and was always handy.
    Great artice about typography and fonts that are great when designing on screen.
    THIS! was one of the best articles I’ve read as it explains you the true psychology of app users and what to be careful about, very useful if I would like to actually develop my app and take it to the next level.
    Inspiration is always important, so I had to browse through apps that other designers consider well made.
    When I started thinking about blurred background, I tried to find out how can it change the way my app will feel.
    Amazing article on how to create wireframes and prototypes in InDesign including interactivity of the apps which I have found, obviously, when I was already finishing my project.
    Not and InDesign fan? This article shows you how to prepare templates for your app in Photoshop. I would recommend it now as now accepts uploading Photoshop layers so that’s a huge advantage.
    Good tips to check before you start doing anything. This article takes you to all the general stuff you’ll go through.
    Things to avoid while designing.
    Great article where I got my .PSD for Moo Business Cards and also got an inside into how ‘business cards for apps’ are made.
    Very quality article on how to brand and promote your app and what to think about.
    I find this template so so so beautiful and cannot believe it is free. I used it many times in my final PDF and in advertising and this way I would like to thank to the artist for creating it.
    I needed a vector template because our final exhibition print had to be size A1. So I tried to find some and in the end, decided to use the – ‘iPhone 6 Flat PSD Mockup’. Again, thanks to the amazing artist who created it.
    Because I was constantly trying new colour schemes and textures that would work with my app, in the end I run out of time to create my own. Therefore I used the texture I liked the most. Unfortunately, the website of the author is not working anymore and I am not able to find out who designed it but at least, I am providing this link to the texture with artist’s signature in the right corner.

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