Before & After



Home page did not change much from initial stage, I swapped icons for the ones created by me and then changed colours.

I was not sure whether to include profile picture – as I did not want my app to
be shallow – but then I decided it was necessary to keep people’s attention. It is also safer this way when users are meeting each other.

The idea is that you can swipe through all the users and find the right one to collaborate with.




‘My profile’ screen has changed it’s layout completely. At the beginning, it was only a short bio and a degree.

In the latest version, I used hexagon shape to create an arrow which navigates the sight of the user towards the biography. All of the information above can be seen when swiping on Home page and therefore it’s not so important.

The biography is followed by skillset and portfolio.




Attributes are icons that represent users main skills and interests. At first I though I will only create around four cathegories but in the end, I fitted all Creative degrees into seven.

Under them, you can find adjustable radius and optional search for keywords in case you are looking for someone specific.

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